Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Wheelers For The Wounded of California 2014

I can't say enough about what Wheelers For The Wounded (WFTW) does for our Veterans. By providing a full weekend of camping, great chow and wheeling on the most famous trail, The Rubicon, this program has got a lot going for it and will hopefully spread from state to state.  What is even better is there isn't a charge for the Veterans to come out for the weekend.  Each Veteran is matched up with their host/driver who picks them and sets up their camp for them for the weekend making sure that all of their needs are met.   If you are not familiar with them you can check them out here: . 

We have had the opportunity to join the group every year since it started in 2007 with the original founder Jason Havlik (see website for info on Jason).  What an incredible trip that was!  There were Veterans there from several wars to include WWII, Korea, Vietnam and others. 

This year was a special one for me as we were able to take my son on the trip after he finally finished his tours and time with the Army. 

The connections that are made during the weekend are memories for a lifetime and in a lot of cases very soothing to the wounded souls that have selflessly served our country. 

Every year the chow is outstanding but they out did themselves this year by bringing in a fresh oyster bar, in fact it was so good that the owner of the outfit is planning on being there again in 2015! 

Monday, March 18, 2013

Easter Jeep Safari 2013! 

It's almost here!  Easter Jeep Safari has got to be one of my favorite events to go to.  The scenery is incredible and the wheelin is even better! 

Yeah, I know it's Easter Jeep Safari and my Land Cruiser is a bit out of place but that's okay!
We love the unbeatable trail system with something for everybody from easy day trail riding to pucker yourself up trails that will surely give you a thrill!
The dates for this year's Safari is March 23-31st.  Grab your gear and head out.  Hope to see you there!  More info here: 

Jeep Beach 2013!

If you own a Jeep you know what it's like to be a part of the "Jeepin" crowd.  It's fun to go to events together and hang out with fellow enthusiasts and show off your mild to wild rig with pride. 

If you get a chance there's an event called "Jeep Beach" and it's coming up soon April 24-28th in Daytona Beach Florida.

The event kicks off with a 'say hello' party at Hooter's on Wednesday night followed by a show n shine at the local Chrysler Jeep dealership, and a small vendor show at the hotel. 

What most people come to see and do is the massive vendor show that is set up in the middle of the Daytona Speedway with an obstacle course for all to play on.

The week ends with a huge Jeep parade on Daytona Beach.  Imagine hundreds of Jeeps of every color, make and model, from stock to highly modified cruising down the beach in a parade!

For more information on this year's upcoming event visit their website at
Hope to see you there! 

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Land Use Land Cruiser Gets New Shoes!

Elsie, my 1994 FJ80 Land Cruiser recently got set up with new Raceline Wheels and new BFG KM's. 

So far I am happy with the way they handle on the road and ever since I went up to 4:88 gears from Sierra Gear & Axle it really moves down the road just fine.  I think I have found the 'sweet spot' set up. 

I can't wait to try her out on some trails! 

These are called "Clutch"

Thanks to our sponsors once again for keeping us out there and on the road to help save our trails and public lands!
The Logandale Hump N Bump Event 2012

Logandale Nevada is full of beautiful red rock country and the perfect place to hold the Hump N Bump event.  This year marked the 32nd year of this awesome event with attendees from all over the country.

The area is full of anything from mild to wild trails and offers something for everyone.  Both stock rigs and heavily built buggies love to come out to this open riding area and enjoy themselves.

The Hump N Bump is a family fun oriented event that is a once a year as a fundraiser for the club with a large portion of the proceeds from our event supporting our Local and National land use causes. These include the BlueRibbon Coalition (BRC), Nevada based Partners In Conservation, TreadLightly! and the United Four Wheel Drive Association.

The event proceeds are also used to support the facilites at the Logandale Trail System, adapt-a trail cleanups, and user education on a variety of subjects including responsible land use and safe off-road and recovery techniques.  

Please join us for a wonderful time while also supporting our land use advocates that help to keep our awesome trails open! For more information about our 2013 event, visit our website at

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Cal-Neva Extreme 2012 About To Roll!

Once again the crew over at the Cal-Neva Extreme Rockcrawling series in conjuction with Yukon Gear & Axle announces their season opener May 19-20 at the Giant's Throne at Reno Nevada's Exit 28.  Several teams will be competing in what promises to be a banner year for Cal-Neva Extreme as the event rolls into it's third year. 

"Putting on a comp up at the Giant's Throne is awesome because of the natural terrain that promises to make it especially difficult and challenging for even the best drivers" said Glenn Bonner, President Cal-Neva. 

The rugged natural terrain at the Giant's Throne makes it a challenge to get through the tight courses and challenges any driver.  

Stock classes to Pro Mod are available so nobody gets left behind if they want the chance to compete in a W.E. Rock sanctioned type of event. 

CRAWL Magazine's very own Wendy Nickell with her spotter Brandy Southall will once again take to the rugged terrain and show 'em how it's done. 

"I had a great time last year and I've been working on my moves for the upcoming season and I'm looking forward to it" said Wendy, "considering last year was the maiden voyage for Project Wendy and my first ever competition we did really well!" she added. 

For more information, dates and locations check out their website at

Hump N Bump 2011 In Logandale NV.

This year's Hump N Bump in Logandale Nevada once again proved to be a success and provided lots of fun, scenery and off road enthusiast comraderie!  Put on by the Vegas Valley Four Wheelers and friends the Hump N Bump is a bucket list item. 

 "Elsie" coming through one of the washes with incredible scenery.
The wheelin in Logandale is anything from mild to wild with several opportunities for casual crusing and checking out the wonderful views and wildlife.  If you're lucky you may catch up to a desert tortoise like we did a few years ago.  What a wonder they are to watch, and be sure to just watch them and take pictures only as it's illegal to handle them. 
We've also encountered big horn sheep which majestically hopped down the mountainous terrain and paraded themselves rightin front of our Jeep, what a sight that was! 

It's not hard to find awesome photograph spots in Logandale!  The red rock scenery is one of my favorites and makes our rigs look great out there in the desert! 

 The "Land Use Warrior Machines".
This year I won the contest for picking up the most garbage and returning it to camp for disposal.  Good thing this little guy hopped out of an empty can before I tossed him into the dumpster!  For awhile he decided to live in the "Elsie".  My buddy finally decided to come out and take a peek whileI was working my way through some pretty nasty crevices.  Good thing I don't panick or both of us could have been in trouble on the trail that we were on! 

My little travel buddy.

All in all this is a good event for the whole family and has a growing raffle every year and I won't even tell you about the BBQ dinner they put on Saturday night!  This is mouth watering stuff for sure.  Keep up with the latest and the new dates for the 2012 event here: