Monday, November 23, 2009

Hollister Hills Fun With Friends

I like to go to new places and I was pleasantly surprised when we got the chance to hang out with old and new friends at Hollister Hills OHV area.  It was my first time to the area so I didn't know what to expect.

The weather was perfect with bright blue skies filled with puffy clouds and views galore from the hill tops.  Did I mention the great wheelin to be had there?  It's mostly gullies and trenches but still lots of fun and a great place to test out your suspension and flex capabilities. 

Hollister has a riding area specifically for motorcycles and another for 4 wheelers so they stay out of each others way.  It was really a fun place and I look forward to going again.


Joe Mello said...


Your right it was a lot of fun. I know you got some pictures of me in the blue torch buggy. If you don't mind and don't need them for your other work is there any chance I could get a few. My name is Joe Mello and I rode with Ryan in the crazy tuve chasy blue torch jeep. I work with Jerry and Chad at the Water District. If you are willing you can send them via email or on facebook I am one of Jerry's freinds.



Anonymous said...

It was a great weekend and their is nothing better than kicking it with old and new friends around the campfire after a day of wheeling.

509 Media said...

Sweet. Thanks for posting up. I have some stories about the Fusion Chassis.