Sunday, March 14, 2010

4Wheel Parts March Madness sale and open house


I had a great time at the 4Wheel Parts March Madness sale at their Sacramento, El Camino and I-80 store.  Rigs of every shape, size and color showed up to show off their rigs so there was plenty of big tires to stand around and kick while telling stories with other fellow four wheelers. 
Free hot dogs and hamburgers were served up while three different  bands entertained the crowd throughout the day.  An RTI ramp was set up to test the rigs' and drivers' abilities, but I think the best part of the day was when the junk cars were literally dragged out to the middle of the parking lot and it was a free for all "car crawl" instead of rock crawl.

Besides offering great deals throughout the store another focus of the get together was land use and access and the famous "land use buggy" Travis Carpenter's MFS buggy #4405 and the MFS crew were there to answer questions, talk about responsible land and trail use and show off their bad to the bone rig.  
Nor Cal4Wheelers were also on hand supporting the BlueRibbon Coalition and demonstrating the PETT toilet system that will coming to a trail near you.  CA4WDC was there as well to answer questions and support land use.   

Hats off to a successful day and a chance to meet the crew at 4Wheel Parts.

Stacie Albright, recreation advocate with the BlueRibbon Coalition with Marc Ori, Manager of the Sacramento store.

Dan Schuenke of Citrus Heights shows off his stuff on the ramp.

The bad to the Bone MFS 'land use buggy' and driver Travis Carpenter.

MFS Owner, Jeff Hayer, proudly sportin' his shirt with a land use theme. Thanks Jeff!

This Toyota had no problem with the metal obstacle

The rig on the left is an Isuzu!

Tim Worlein's YJ tackled the ramp and got some big air!

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