Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Cal-Neva Extreme 2012 About To Roll!

Once again the crew over at the Cal-Neva Extreme Rockcrawling series in conjuction with Yukon Gear & Axle announces their season opener May 19-20 at the Giant's Throne at Reno Nevada's Exit 28.  Several teams will be competing in what promises to be a banner year for Cal-Neva Extreme as the event rolls into it's third year. 

"Putting on a comp up at the Giant's Throne is awesome because of the natural terrain that promises to make it especially difficult and challenging for even the best drivers" said Glenn Bonner, President Cal-Neva. 

The rugged natural terrain at the Giant's Throne makes it a challenge to get through the tight courses and challenges any driver.  

Stock classes to Pro Mod are available so nobody gets left behind if they want the chance to compete in a W.E. Rock sanctioned type of event. 

CRAWL Magazine's very own Wendy Nickell with her spotter Brandy Southall will once again take to the rugged terrain and show 'em how it's done. 

"I had a great time last year and I've been working on my moves for the upcoming season and I'm looking forward to it" said Wendy, "considering last year was the maiden voyage for Project Wendy and my first ever competition we did really well!" she added. 

For more information, dates and locations check out their website at www.cal-nevaextreme.com

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