Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Hump N Bump 2011 In Logandale NV.

This year's Hump N Bump in Logandale Nevada once again proved to be a success and provided lots of fun, scenery and off road enthusiast comraderie!  Put on by the Vegas Valley Four Wheelers and friends the Hump N Bump is a bucket list item. 

 "Elsie" coming through one of the washes with incredible scenery.
The wheelin in Logandale is anything from mild to wild with several opportunities for casual crusing and checking out the wonderful views and wildlife.  If you're lucky you may catch up to a desert tortoise like we did a few years ago.  What a wonder they are to watch, and be sure to just watch them and take pictures only as it's illegal to handle them. 
We've also encountered big horn sheep which majestically hopped down the mountainous terrain and paraded themselves rightin front of our Jeep, what a sight that was! 

It's not hard to find awesome photograph spots in Logandale!  The red rock scenery is one of my favorites and makes our rigs look great out there in the desert! 

 The "Land Use Warrior Machines".
This year I won the contest for picking up the most garbage and returning it to camp for disposal.  Good thing this little guy hopped out of an empty can before I tossed him into the dumpster!  For awhile he decided to live in the "Elsie".  My buddy finally decided to come out and take a peek whileI was working my way through some pretty nasty crevices.  Good thing I don't panick or both of us could have been in trouble on the trail that we were on! 

My little travel buddy.

All in all this is a good event for the whole family and has a growing raffle every year and I won't even tell you about the BBQ dinner they put on Saturday night!  This is mouth watering stuff for sure.  Keep up with the latest and the new dates for the 2012 event here:  http://www.vv4w.org/

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