Thursday, November 11, 2010

Hump N Bump 2010

Thursday, November 11, 2010
The Hump N Bump event proved to be a great success this year and had a huge turn out. We filled the fairgrounds in Logandale NV to capacity with trailers and motorhomes and 4 wheelers from every shape and size

The organizers of the event decided to add a whole new compenent to the Saturday night festivities by holding a car crush. What fun that was to watch and heckle. Even some of the locals showed up to watch the carnage on the junk yard cars.

I was feeling just a little nervous here but no worries we walked right over the pile!

Prior to the car crush there was an awesome barbeque with melt in your mouth ribs and other goodies that stuck to your ribs!

Proceeds from the event go to land use organization that help keep the trail systems open in the area. The wonderful Vegas Valley 4 Wheelers put on a great show.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Trail Party: Trail Party Formed and New Voters Guide Issued

Trail Party: Trail Party Formed and New Voters Guide Issued: "Don Amador, noted Recreation Advocate, has founded the Trail Party to assist you with election decisions to ensure our motorized access into..."

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Off Road Voters Guide, Be An ORV!

There is a lot of buzz going on about the upcoming election and for some it is a little overwhelming, time consuming and maybe even a little confusing to sit down and read up on all the candidates and propositions.  BlueRibbon Coalition's Don Amador has made it easy and has done all the reading and put together an easy to use "Trail Party Voters Guide".  Essentially it is comprised of the candidates that are OHV friendly and made the propositions a piece of cake to decide on.  Thanks Don for putting this guide together! 

Go here to take a peek: 

Trail Party Voter Guide

Monday, August 23, 2010

CalROCS Season Finale Leaves The Crowds Happy.

CalROCS 2010 championship proved to be more than exciting with all the teams fighting to keep up the points and standings throughout the whole weekend and the crowds that showed up to see the carnage were impressed. 

Teams from as far as Canada and Virginia came out to test their skills and try their luck at the season finale at the beautiful Donner Ski Ranch in sunny California. 

Justin Hall from Team Rockhard showed up in his new Unlimited Class buggy and showed off his driving skills while his dad took on the challenge of hopping around the course spotting his son on some amazing drops and crevices that were a part of the bonus lines.

Good job Justin for taking first place in the Unlimited Class!  A great win considering it was only his third  time driving the new rig. 

Be sure and check back for the dates for the 2011 season of CalROCS! 

Monday, August 16, 2010

A Close Call On The Freeway!

The event 'Sierra Trek', held at Meadow Lake near Truckee CA is awesome and I recommend putting it on the bucket list!   After packing everything up in the Jeep trailer and making our way down the hill we ran into trouble. The trailer hitch somehow broke off  when we were doing about 60 mph downhill on I-80 in Sunday traffic.

I just happened to look in the rear view mirror to see something shiny bounce down the freeway and almost hit the semi truck that was following us! It didn’t register in my head what that could have been and I was just about to say, “pull over” when the trailer snapped off the Jeep and swung around to the driver's side in the other lane! The safety chain held and before I knew it the Jeep swung hard to the right hand side of the freeway, luckily there was a big emergency lane and then a wide shoulder area. We hit the dirt, went up the bank and couldn’t stop; we lost control, came back down hard onto the freeway and started doing 360's downhill!

We couldn’t see anything but a big dust cloud that we kept rotating through. We got pelted with pebbles and a huge wave of dirt. I thought for sure we were going to get rammed by the semi truck as all I could hear was the screeching of brakes and skidding on the pavement, it was a really ugly sound. I was petrified and I was thinking about how well the roll bar would hold up if we started to roll; all I could do was hold on and wait, those seconds were very long ones!  We had no idea where we were stopped as the dust and dirt hung in the air for what seemed like forever. Finally I realized we were on the right shoulder and thankfully out of the way of downhill traffic. We did two full turns, which seemed like 10, and ended up facing traffic when we finally stopped. I didn’t worry about rolling so much as I did by the thought of getting plowed by the semi truck! I would have taken a direct hit!

Amazingly the Jeep stayed upright!  I think it was because of our Raceline Monster Beadlock rims that didn't bust a bead while we were rotating round and round down the freeway!  After I composed myself our buddy at Raceline got a "thank you" call!

The trailer ended up jackknifed on its side and stuck up under the back bumper.  I thought for sure that all the stuff in the trailer was going to be all over the freeway and if that were the case I really didn’t care, we weren't the new hood ornament on the semi! The only thing that came out of the trailer was the five gallon water can (far bottom left corner)! That was a heck of a pack job!

This is the Jeep facing uphill traffic on I-80 after we finally stopped, Whew, what a ride that was!  

The semi truck pulled over with one other car and the drivers came running up to see if we were okay. The truck driver was amazed that we didn’t get killed as he watched the whole thing happening and later told me that he had never seen anything like that in his 20 years of driving truck. He gave Del and I a high five and told Del he had amazing driving skills to have kept us upright and out of the main traffic which is what saved our lives. The CHP finally showed up about a half an hour later and I overheard one of the old timers say, “I see we have a lucky one here today”.

Some acquaintances from another club were coming down the highway returning from the same event and immediately pulled in to help get the trailer upright. They just happened to have a spare tow bar for a trailer and stripped the old bent parts off and replaced them with their stuff. They even had a spare ball hitch but it was too small so we broke out the on board Ready Welder and they put a weld inside the hitch to make it fit and viola we were on our way within about 45 mins. They even took the time to pull over with us at the next exit to check if everything was working okay with the “trail fix” that they did. The off road community is really a great network of people that go over and beyond the call of duty to help a friend or acquaintance in need.

We were both covered in dirt and dust in places that I’m not sure how it even got there and we later discovered there were pebbles in our seats from all the debris flying through the air when we were spinning through the dirt. Whew, that was a close call and we were very, very lucky. It was also a reminder to check your vehicle and equipment before hitting the road.


Friday, June 18, 2010

Xtreme Outlaws Motor Sports Event

The Grand Sierra hotel in Sparks NV really knows how to put on a show!  Kicking off the event was a pre run of the 250 mile race course that winds through the desert on some pretty harsh back roads that seem to be forgotten.  I was treated to some spectacular views and some pretty knarly wheelin in my old Toyota Land Cruiser that proved once again that she is very capable. 

There is also a motocross event that looks pretty darn exciting and a huge course has been built right here at the hotel so the entertainment is literally steps away.  The pool parties have been awesome, the food is great and the atmosphere has been lively. 

I've had the opportunity to meet several key people in our off road world and of course spreading the word about the BlueRibbon Coalition and the need to keep our public lands open so that we can go and recreate responsibly.

Being a slow poke,  this buggy whizzed right by me when he had the chance. 

Lunch stop in Virginia City.

Besides a snake, jack rabbit and plenty of lizards I ran into some other company on the course. 

More to come from Reno!!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Off Road Champions and Businesses Support The BlueRibbon Coalition

Check out the new video of a great batch of off-road champions and businesses, pitching it up for BlueRibbon Coalition, including Dustin Webster, Lance Clifford, Big Rich Klein, Greg Mulkey, Brad and Roger Lovell, Mike Klensin, Shannon Campbell, and Victor Angon.

We're talking about top names helping to promote the biggest, bad dog on the block -- the BlueRibbon Coalition. See the video and then make sure you join up or add a year to your membership, or get some of your buds to join. These folks are telling us we need to strenghten this national grass roots organization more than ever.

See it here: 

Awesome, thanks to all these folks/businesses for helping to build the strongest coalition ever...

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Nukizer at Jeep Safari

The minute I laid eyes on this Jeep, I was in love!  The Nukizer has got to be one of the hottest things I have seen out in Moab, and believe me there are a lot of phenominal rigs at Easter Jeep Safari! 

We got the invite to come out to the photo shoot of this and other new rigs from Chrysler and we didn't think twice about it! 

Here are some pictures to drool over.  Caution!  Mouth watering, hand and foot twitching may start to begin!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Some Land Use Updates from Del Albright

From Del's Desk:

Special Land Use Update from Del Albright: 3/22/2010, NOTE: Farmington, NM URGENT letter request #7 below…

1. Land Use Article: I want to make sure you know my latest article on land use and access is available to you and your club/websites. Called “Stop the Stink,” I think you’ll find it an interesting read about what is going on in our country these days. Download/read article here:

2. Businesses Team Up for Land Use Travel: More and more events, conventions and organizations are asking for my help these days in saving trails and keeping our sports alive. Thank goodness businesses know how important this is and are kicking in to help fund/sponsor some travel. This is worthy of mention because as you’ve probably heard me say before, let’s buy from businesses who are helping us save our trails – those doing something for landuse. For Moab Easter Jeep Safari, I’m proud to be teamed up with some more great off-road outfits – GenRight Off Road is leading the charge at the premier level; Motorsports Fabrication Services (MFS) has spent a week getting tons of fixits and “to do list” stuff done on the Jeep; and Nemesis Industries has kicked in a donation to help as well. See more on this here:

3. RLTC Online Volunteer Training Course: RLTC is a unique (nothing else like it in the recreation/off-road world) online volunteer training course with several hundred students/graduates around the country. If you have it on your desk, it is never too late to start. If you’ve been thinking about starting, now is a good time. Learn more here:

4. Land Use Blogs: I am getting pretty good about keeping up my land use blog and you can subscribe to follow right here: My BlueRibbon partner, Don Amador has a very active blog as well right here:

5. Access Army: if you’ve not seen the new Access Army, with our pens and shovels, please visit:

6. BlueRibbon Coalition: if you’ve not seen the new BlueRibbon Coalition website and magazine, this is worth a cruise through…check it out at, these folks are the grassroots leaders nationally for saving trails, sharing trails and keeping our sports alive and well. Join or donate to BRC here:

7. Farmington, NM: Glad Run; Choke Cherry: Glade Run Recreation Area contains many serious 4x4 areas, including Choke Cherry, and it's Loren Healy's backyard (Loren is the Current King of the Hammers). The BLM came up with two plans for the area that would mark trails and put existing ones on the map. Now they are coming up with Alternative maps that do not make much sense and do not match up with what the locals think should be done. We need LETTERS from you, please.

PLEASE TAKE FIVE MINUTES TO WRITE A COMMENT TO THE BLM: it’s been made easy with a letter generator here:

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thanks, Del

Ps. Thanks to, Bob Melani, for hosting my email system and newsletter.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

4Wheel Parts March Madness sale and open house


I had a great time at the 4Wheel Parts March Madness sale at their Sacramento, El Camino and I-80 store.  Rigs of every shape, size and color showed up to show off their rigs so there was plenty of big tires to stand around and kick while telling stories with other fellow four wheelers. 
Free hot dogs and hamburgers were served up while three different  bands entertained the crowd throughout the day.  An RTI ramp was set up to test the rigs' and drivers' abilities, but I think the best part of the day was when the junk cars were literally dragged out to the middle of the parking lot and it was a free for all "car crawl" instead of rock crawl.

Besides offering great deals throughout the store another focus of the get together was land use and access and the famous "land use buggy" Travis Carpenter's MFS buggy #4405 and the MFS crew were there to answer questions, talk about responsible land and trail use and show off their bad to the bone rig.  
Nor Cal4Wheelers were also on hand supporting the BlueRibbon Coalition and demonstrating the PETT toilet system that will coming to a trail near you.  CA4WDC was there as well to answer questions and support land use.   

Hats off to a successful day and a chance to meet the crew at 4Wheel Parts.

Stacie Albright, recreation advocate with the BlueRibbon Coalition with Marc Ori, Manager of the Sacramento store.

Dan Schuenke of Citrus Heights shows off his stuff on the ramp.

The bad to the Bone MFS 'land use buggy' and driver Travis Carpenter.

MFS Owner, Jeff Hayer, proudly sportin' his shirt with a land use theme. Thanks Jeff!

This Toyota had no problem with the metal obstacle

The rig on the left is an Isuzu!

Tim Worlein's YJ tackled the ramp and got some big air!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Close All OHV Routes In The Eldorado?



The center for Sierra Nevada conservation, and center for biological diversity, plaintiffs, are asking the court to order the Eldorado National Forest Service (FS) closed to all OHV use until each route has gone through site specific analysis with public comment to determine its environmental acceptability before designation.

It has taken the FS 15 years to get this far without site specific analysis and it took the FS 15 years to complete the Rock Creek EA & EIS. The forest service doesn’t have the funds to undertake site specific analysis. There are provisions in the travel management plan stating that if adequate funds are not available to manage OHV routes they shall be closed.

California Enduro Riders Association (CERA) and myself along with California assoc. of 4 Wheel Drive Clubs are applying to the court for defendant-intervener status. We cannot let the FS be the sole defendants of our interests. Our legal interests in the action are not identical, and on many issues are contrary to the FS defendants’ interests, and we anticipate a need to present different information and legal arguments that might be presented by some or all defendants. We are particularly concerned about the prospect of settlement negotiation and wish to have a role in any possible settlement discussions. In settlement or formal litigation CERA and the OHV community typically presents different issues, arguments, and evidence than that presented by governmental agencies’ legal counsel. This reflects the fact that the Forest Service does not share the same ultimate objective in this, or any case, with CERA and the OHV Community. A ”loss” for the Forest Service simply changes the manner in which they conduct their never-ending yet ever-changing management duties.

These plaintiffs claim they are for the greater good and focus on adverse environmental impacts, claiming to be friends of nature. But their real agenda is to make sure OHV recreation gets eliminated. They use the kitchen sink approach, throwing every conceivable objection and obstacle at the proposed action to see what sticks. The Forest Service procedure always has weaknesses and if a judge agrees, as he has in the past, the FS will have to do it over again. The issue here is will the judge award the plaintiffs their requested relief, as you have seen at Carnegie, they often do.

The major issue here is all existing trails will be closed, and will remain closed until each trail goes through extensive environmental review before it’s designated open for use. We have always contended that all trails are open unless environmental review determined they should be closed either through public process or limited time emergency closure. This is a case of guilty unless proven innocent, verses innocent until proven guilty.

If the plaintiffs prevail this will be a precedent setting case and they will sue the Forest Service to make this the new nationwide policy and then go after BLM. Their friends in congress are now cutting off funds for trail related actives. NO FUNDS FOR ENVIRONMENTAL REVIEW AND NO OPEN TRAILS IN ANY NATIONAL FOREST.

We need your help to pay for legal fees, please send much as you can. Blue Ribbon Coalition has taken this on as a project and is providing their attorney Paul A. Turcke. He is the best and has represented us in the past. Sent your tax deductible donation to Blue Ribbon Coalition 4555 Burley Dr, Suite A , Pocatello, Idaho 83202 and make your check to Blue Ribbon Coalition, indicating that it is for the Eldorado legal action.

Thank You, any questions call

Rick Guidice


Thumper Talk & BlueRibbon Coalition

Support BlueRibbon by voting for ThumperTalk forums.

ThumperTalk is eligible for a Intuit (Quicken) grant of $35,000 because they use QuickBooks. If we vote for them and they win the grant, they will split it with BlueRibbon Coalition. AWESOME.

Check out the full story and the SIMPLE three steps to make this happen with YOUR vote. Page 10 of the January 2010 online magazine:

This is quick and easy to do so please take a few minutes to help with this.

Thank you!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Magnificent Slot Canyons Of Page Arizona

Page AZ is the place to be to see the magnificent slot canyons.  These incredible formations are located just a few minutes outside of town at a place called Antelope Canyon.  Guided tours are available in several locations in town or you can venture out on your own to the smaller side of the canyon that is on Navajo Nation land so there are fees to pay directly to the attendant in the parking lot; it is worth the cost!

We were pleasantly surprised that we had the place all to ourselves.  The minute I slipped down into a small fissure that I discovered on top of the sandstone wash I was immediately drawn into the cavernous beauty and found myself practically running through the crevices to see more of what was around every corner. 

I call this formation the Sphinx

The changing light overhead made for breathtaking colors and hues that illuminated off what appeared to be red sandstone.  It's a photographers paradise and I highly recommend visiting this fantastic area. 

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Southwest Crawlfest 2010

I can't say enough about the Southwest Crawlfest held just outside Hurricane Utah; a few short miles from the city of St. George. 

This event is a hit in my book and we will surely put it on our calendar for next year.  There is no registration fee and the only thing they request is to purchase your dinner on Saturday night and buy raffle tickets for their outstanding list of goodies up for grabs. 

Scenery and comraderie were some of the things on top of the list for entertainment during the weekend including trails that range from mild to wild.  We saw every sort of 4 wheel drive vehicle out there enjoying the routes regardless of their shape, motor or tire size.  All were welcome. 

Last but not least, Crawlfest is a benefit event for the land use organizations and the money raised, less expenses etc., will be sent to them including the BlueRibbon Coalition.

Thanks to all who were involved in putting this wonderful event togther and I'm certain this will continue to be a success and grow bigger year after year. 

Be sure and check in at:

Friday, January 22, 2010

Tellico Appeal Denied!



Contact: Greg Mumm, BlueRibbon Coalition


Date: January 22, 2010


POCATELLO, ID (January 22) - On January 15, 2010, Southern Region Deputy Regional Forester Jerome Thomas adopted the recommendation of the internal Appeal Reviewing Officer and denied the Upper Tellico OHV Area appeals submitted by the Southern Four Wheel Drive Association (SFWDA), United Four Wheel Drive Associations (UFWDA), and the BlueRibbon Coalition (BRC). "We are disappointed but not surprised by this outcome," observed Jay Bird of the Rescue Tellico Committee and Past President of SFWDA. "This was a mandatory step in an ongoing process, and it would be unusual for an agency that has been for years locked in on the outcome of closing Tellico to reverse course at the last step of the administrative process," added Greg Mumm, BRC Executive Director. "We remain committed to restoring some form of meaningful vehicle recreation at Tellico, will carefully review the appeal decisions, and will take appropriate next steps," Mumm concluded.

# # #

The BlueRibbon Coalition is a national (non-profit) trail-saving group that represents over 600,000 recreationists nationwide The Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) season is beginning. Federal employees, please mark BlueRibbon Coalition and Check #11402 on your CFC pledge form to support our efforts to protect your access. Join us at 1-800-258-3742

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Busy year to come!

The New Year!  Yeah, it's here already and what an awesome start.  I'm so looking forward to the beginning of the rock competitions and events. 

To kick things off, we'll be headed to Winter Fun Fest in Grass Valley CA, January 15-17th. 

The last week of January we'll be headed out to St. George Utah for the Southwest Crawl Fest.  This is going to be an awesome event in the most beautiful red rock country around.  Then we'll be off to Quartzite for a little rock hounding for a few days.

The beginning of February will find us headed down to Johnson Valley for the famous King of the Hammers race.  It will be a week of wheelin', visiting and spreading the land use message to all who will listen.

Whew!  Then we come home in time to go to CA4WDC annual Convention in Sacramento CA on February 19-21 at the Double Tree Hotel.