Friday, December 2, 2011

TAPTour II Will Roll Again In January!

From the desk of Del Albright:


Brought to you by Del & Stacie Albright, Access Advocates, BlueRibbon Coalition

December 2, 2012

BlueRibbon Coalition will be represented by Del & Stacie Albright at “Winter on the Rocks” (WOTR) put on by the Utah 4x4 Club and Canyon Country 4x4 Club. BRC works closely with these clubs and others, as well as the Utah 4Wheel Drive Association. We are proud and honored to be part of this year’s activities and look forward to seeing a lot of familiar faces. Of course, we are all about saving trails and keeping the sport alive, so if you spend time jaw-jacking with us, you can figure that will be the topic of choice.

WOTR will be the first stop of our Trail Access Partnership Tour (TAPT) II. TAP Tours are where businesses join us on landuse adventures bringing off-road businesses together with customers, all in the spirit of saving trails and keep backcountry motorsports alive. Please find more on the TAP Tour here at

We want to help raise more raffle prizes for the event so perhaps we can call on you to reach out (again) to any businesses you know of and send them this link and a plea for goodies. We will be doing the same from our end. Sponsor Packages:

The event made a nice donation to BRC last year as part of our partnership in fighting for all trails in Utah. We hope to make that donation even bigger this year (with your help). THIS is the year to make the fight for Utah even bigger and badder than it’s even been. 2012 is election year and YOU KNOW what that means. We have to make changes at the highest levels in order to keep our freedoms alive and well in the backcountry.

Speaking of elections, please visit and support the new Trail Political Action Committee that just started up (officially, registered, legal). The TPAC is located here at They are going to help us shape a new congress for 2012.

Stacie and I are able to get to WOTR and be BRC this year because of the help of THREE awesome businesses who support us a lot in our landuse fights: T&T Customs, Nemesis Industries and MetalCloak. Please NOTE! These are three businesses with some market share competition for similar products, BUT they set that all aside to support landuse and access. Say thanks when you when you see them.

On the team,

Del & Stacie Albright